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What Our Clients Say

"Endy is one of the most ethical and stand-worthy attorneys I have ever worked with. His attention to detail, ability to ask the right questions and most importantly navigate the law are impressive. I highly recommend Endy and would refer anyone in a heartbeat to work with his group"


- Anonymous, Probate client, 2003

"We needed help making sure that my business was setup properly for when I left the helm. Endy and his team made sure that we had not only a succession plan in place but that everyone was on the same page and the business would not be at risk of my health when the time came to step aside."

-Anonymous, Business client, 2010

"Endy has a sense of professionalism and charm about him that is present everywhere he goes. He generally has a good reputation with most courts and judges and I found above all his ability to know the right processes his deepest strengths." 

-Anonymous, Business and Tax client, 2013

"I first came across Ukoha Law Group simply from googling what I needed. After asking around included the AIDS legal referral who was best to help me with my issue I was referred to his group. Based in Oakland, the small office gave a family feel while process wise everything they handled was top-notch like I was dealing with a big corporate firm. I found the balance of both worlds is what makes this firm very special and highly recommend them for anyone with business or personal needs within the firms practices"

-Anonymous, Estate client, 2014

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